37+ Inspiring Modern Living Room Ideas You Must See For 2019

Description: modern living room trend in 2019 loves the timeless, spacious design with bursts of bright colors. These ideas will inspire your remodeling project.

The living room is a common place for all occupants, so make it perfect. Modern living room design trends are all about comfort and unique beauty, but with elements of timelessness. Open-space design, natural light, and bright colors dominate the 2019 trends.

You can play with different materials and textures to fill the empty spaces. This method is useful if you don’t like too many items in the room. Here are great inspirations to remodel your living room.

Natural Modern Living Room Design

design my sitting room

© 360armenia.com

This living room uses various natural materials to create a cozy, refreshing look. You can imitate the look by incorporating the main elements, such as:

  • Large window

The large window brings in natural light, making the room look bigger. The unobstructed glass also showcases the greens outside.

  • Wooden elements

Wood appears as fireplace wall, shelves, window sills, and cabinet.

  • Greens

Green elements are visible from several potted plants. Green also appears pillow and several ornaments.

Monochromatic tiles are the only patterns appear here. The appeal came from color and material combination.

Brick and Wood Living Room

how to decorate a living room

© pulehupizza.com

Exposed brick walls and wooden floor are classic elements for a living room. This room added a modern twist with a long, diner-style sofa. Modern tables and cushions have black and white colors to make the room look fresh.

Nordic Stone Living Room

modern living room design 2016

© pulehupizza.com

This rustic living room has a Nordic aesthetic, with stone walls and rough wooden beams. Its design was softened by modern sofas. A coffee table with a sleek design and mirrored surface ties every design element.

White and Modern Victorian Living Room

how to decorate living room walls

© pulehupizza.com

This Victorian living room has a modern twist with a white-dominated interior and few embellishments. Important elements include:

  • White decorated pillows

All the pillows have unique decorations, but they don’t dominate the white element.

  • Tea set and fruit basket

The white tea set and fruit basket have elegant decorations, but still decent enough to complement the room.

  • Simple furniture details

White sofa and wooden table complement each other.

A brick fireplace got modern treatment with a sleek and white exterior. Perfect for a room that balances beauty and simplicity.

Contemporary Living Room Design

white living room furniture ideas

© home-designing.com

This modern living room shows a contemporary style. The black and grey shades are intercepted with mustard yellow sofa. The lack of details is compensated by clean lines and balanced design.

Monochromatic Grey Living Room

decorate sitting room idea

© pulehupizza.com

This living room has grey and white as its main colors. Pairing grey walls with white furniture creates soft contrast. Line patterns are introduced as accents.

Small Living Room with Large Windows

living room photos

© ytimg.com

This room has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that provide a beautiful view. The living room has muted colors, but several colorful artworks add an interesting touch.

Large Wooden Living Room Design

bedroom ideas

© home-designing.com

This large living room is dominated by wood. The wood details on the ceiling, walls, and floor were made different to create dimension.

Grey Room with Bright Colors

small drawing room design

© sndimg.com

This grey living room is improved with bursts of bright colors. The red, yellow, orange, and green appear as accents, preventing crowded look.

Living Room with Small Bar

beautiful sitting rooms

© awanshop.co

Place a corner bar to improve your living room. A recessed drink shelf was built in the corner, complete with small countertop and elegant armchair.

Elegant living room design styles

living room design styles

© digsdigs.com

living room accessories ideas

living room accessories ideas

© brabbu.com

Extra Large Living Room

cool living rooms

© rilane.com

Exclusive Living Room Design

living room decor sets

© ytimg.com

Living Room with Full White Design

best ideas for living room design

© thegreenstation.us

Cool Wallpaper for Your Living Room Idea

cool living room ideas

© awanshop.co

Sitting Area Idea in Your Living Room

sitting area ideas

© sndimg.com

Large Living Room with Lounge Design

lounge design ideas

© kclee.me

Traditional Design Idea

interior design ideas

© secrethistorian.com

Modern Design for Latest New Idea

room decor

© benishop.co

Living Room for Apartment

home interior living room

© catinhouse.co

Minimalist Design and Large Space

home decor ideas for living room

© csisweep.com

Small Family Style

new living room ideas

© pelikansurf.me

Large Family Style

living room accessories ideas

© hearstapps.com

Best View for Your Apartment

best living room design

© brabbu.com

Chairs and Rug for Best View of Living Room

interior design lounge room ideas

© freshome.com

Crazy Rich Living Room Design

living decor ideas

© pinimg.com

Luxury Apartment Living Room Design

interior decorating ideas

© hupehome.com

Simple Style Modern Living Room

modern living room

© home-designing.com

Wooden Wall and Black Sofa Design

living hall decoration

© thespruce.com

Very Luxury Living Room Apartment Design

interior rooms

© thehollandbureau.com

formal living room ideas

formal living room ideas

© ytimg.com

Simple and Traditional Style

living room looks

© amara.com

Sofa and Lamp in Best Design

living decor ideas

© ytimg.com

Beautiful Design in All Colors of Living Room

house beautiful living rooms

© home-designing.com

The Bright Light Inspiration

interior design inspiration living room

© ytimg.com

Best Minimalist Living Room Design

lounge wall ideas

© thespruce.com

Hotel LIving Room Decor Set

living room decor sets

© ytimg.com

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