31+ Brilliant Living Room Table Ideas You Must See

Description: living room table is the center of a living room design. These table ideas will inspire your next purchase for a future remodeling project.

Table is the center of a living room design. Living room table is not just a functional item, but also a main decorative point. It comes in various colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, giving numerous options for homeowners with different tastes.

Some tables are massive, while others are humbler and more intimate. You can find tables with sleek, rustic, or elegant model. Here are +31 tables you can consider for your living room.

It also suitable for the floor ideas of your living room.

Living Room with Square Glass Table

living room chairs

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Square glass table is simple and suitable for any living room sizes. Animal-shaped trinkets make it less dull.

Living Room with Long Glass Table and Unique Lamp

living room ideas

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Long glass table is suitable for a living/dining room combo. This table has black elements combined to add a dramatic look.Three important design elements include:

  • Unique pendant lamps with dark shades
  • Large painting with dark frames
  • Black chairs that complement the whole design

The glass table also shows off the white walls and dark wooden floor, showcasing a perfect background for all the black elements.

Modern Living Room Furniture with White Coffee Table and Large Feet Space

modern living room furniture

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White coffee table with supporting bars provides larger feet space, perfect to create an airy design. This living room table can also serve as an activity center, such as for studying or making handicrafts.

White Modern Farmhouse Table

coffee table ideas

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White farmhouse table got a modern touch with a smooth surface and slightly leaning feet. White candle holders and glass bulb chandelier complement the look.

Small Living Room Decor with White Rustic Table

small living room decor

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This repurposed desk still has a drawer and distressed look for a unique touch. Woven basket and metal birdcage for plant container became the perfect decorations. A pillow and iron laundry basket added cozy look in the living room.

Living Room Set with White Table and Extra Storage

living room sets

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Empty space under the table is suitable for extra storage.  Choose storage spaces that have a decorative touch. These laundry baskets fit perfectly under a white table, and their patterns complement the design.

Awesome Living Room Design with Round Intimate Table

living room furniture layout

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This round table provides an intimate look, with three chairs arranged closely. The entire room gives a simple, classic study vibe, with brown tones. Important design elements include:

  • Rustic wooden cabinet with tall bases, perfect for small room
  • Two globes and a statuette
  • Two vintage photographs with wooden frames
  • Brown rug

The intimate round table in this room is perfect to have a discussion, work talk, or a nice chat during tea time.

Round Table in Industrial Living Room

living room colors

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This modern take of the industrial living room has a sleek look. The exposed plumbing has a black coat, and the bricks only appear on several spots. The round table reflects the design with its mirrored glass surface and black stools.

Patterned Ottoman “Table”

coffee table centerpiece

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Don’t want to place a large table in the room? Use a smaller furniture item as the table. Patterned ottoman serves as a makeshift table in this reading nook. A leather sofa and bookshelf complete the look.

Exclusive Living Room Design with Twin Engraved Tables

living room colors

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Choosing two smaller tables instead of one big piece are easier if you like rearranging the house. These twin engraved tables were originally stone pillar bases. Two wooden boards serve as the flat surfaces.

Modern Living Room

modern living room ideas

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Rich and Elegant Living Room Design

room design ideas

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Large Living Room Idea

living room furniture layout

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More Awesome Inspirations For Living Room Table Ideas

living room table decor

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sectional living room ideas

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room design ideas

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living room couches

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modern living room sets

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living room arrangements

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diy coffee table

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modern living room ideas

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small living room decor

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small square coffee table

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living room wall decor ideas

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front room furnishings

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living room interior design

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living room design ideas

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coffee table ideas

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small living room decor

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modern living room ideas

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hall decoration ideas

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bedroom design

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These living room table models are perfect for any modern interiors. Use other decorative features, wall colors, and furniture to incorporate the table into the design.

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