49+ Awesome Living Room Floor Ideas You Wish To See Earlier

Whether you are remodeling your home or eager to own and decorate your new house, you are likely to be faced with decisions about floor ideas- flooring stands consequential still even in this modern time and age. Do not be fazed by its intricacies but be open to a long list of ideas that can dress your building up correctly. Part of the designs are:

New Floor Design

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The color palette, quality, texture and pattern of modern floor designs cannot be ignored. They make up a modern floor and serve an entire floor purpose.

Vinyl Floor Stickers

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If you want a floor that manages to hold up correctly after several years of installation, the vinyl floor stickers look like the farthest thing from the wrong option.

Paperback Faux Hard Wood Floor

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A floor design  that is made of paper bags in the correct layer. The woody look is mostly an advantage because it serves almost the same purpose with a hard wood floor.

Plywood Faux Plank Flooring

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This is the best choice for any dry room in the house. Also very price friendly and could serve you a long time as long as it is well maintained.

Painted Wood Floors

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Hardwoods have quite a monotonic function until the right paint is rubbed on it. For a meager price, you can get your wood floor to look unique and brighter than usual.

Stenciled Wood Floor

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This is just another wise way to make your hard wood as beautiful as you want. This is an idea that most people who do not wish to have painted go for. By using a stencil, you get your hardwood at its best.

Wallpaper Floor

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If you are the option for new things, you want to try this one. It may be a paper almost as good for your flood as it is on your wall- you never know except you try.

Penny Inlay Floor

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There is no harm I keeping some pennies away for as long as you want. Now, you can put them to good use at your home. Although, a bit complicated, a penny inlay can serve a floor design purpose for your cozy and small room. It is quite aesthetic too!

Concrete Overlay Floor

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Concrete overlay floor is for as many who do not mind having the industry look right in their home. You can add a little painting just for that simple look if you want as well.

Whitewashed Hardwoods

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Your hardwoods are best maintained when you pay attention to them. If you have had your wood intact for a long time and need a new look for it, you can add a whitewash that makes it look clean and shinier.

Epoxy Floor Coating

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An epoxy floor coating is great for your basement floor- made of metals and enough to serve you for a long time.

More Awesome Ideas

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